There is nothing you must know except that I love learning about dieting and exercise. I also believe it’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. LOVE your blog. My friend and I have been looking into diet binge drinking for awhile. You have some really good advice, some of which I already do and others which I will soon be trying out. I’m glad there’s dieting advice geared towards the college age girl. Aka bring on more post about binge drinking and drunk eating.

    • HAHA it’s such a college girl problem. As much as I try to limit the drinking and eating on the weekends, it’s nearly impossible to avoid. But I will try to post some solutions about how to not completely give up on dieting.

  2. I need like a friday and saturday diet. Saving up calories for drinking

  3. Chelsea Chumbley says:

    Love these posts.

  4. Connie says:

    i LOVE your blog/ twitter page! you’re honestly the biggest motivation i have right now so please don’t stop doing what you do!

  5. neva says:

    just found out about your blog and i’m already in love with it! keep up the good job, these posts are very motivating!

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